About James Sanger

James Sanger has worked on many hit records and has developed unknown artists into household names... James is always on the lookout for exciting new emerging acts; if you think that is you then get in touch!

Felix Pallas
About Vibey Studios

James provides a full array of music production services. From full album production and mixing to programming, training and coaching. Vibey studios has 5 guest chambers each with en-suite facilities. Learn more about Vibey Studios' Services 

Studio Services

it's all about the vibe

The right expertise, surroundings and equipment can mean the difference between a good recording and a great recording.

Here at Vibey we've created the perfect combination of these essential elements into an inspiring and relaxed environment where artists are free to create their work under the very best circumstances.

Get in touch with us about your project - our ears are always open to new and exciting music with which to be involved.



Professional equipment, studios and assistance

From start to finish and any where in between

Take advantage of James' many years in the business in your own band's efforts

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The Story Behind The Music:


The album "Hopes and Fears" was born here at Vibey Studios


Programming for How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Manic Street Preachers

Fun with samplers and FX!