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Vibey Studios was originally built as a monastery for a local baron in the 12th Century. The story is that he built the manoir and gave it to monks so they could use it to educate his illegitimate children. It is a fortified manoir, called a 'corps de ferme' in French.

Today the house is set up around distinct recording areas. There is one main studio and three satellite recording rooms, a live room, a guitar room, a drum room and small amp room.

We have comfortable accommodations and have regularly catered for 12 people. Since developing Keane here James has commissioned extensive building work, including a completely new roof. The accommodation wing has been renovated to include five rooms with en-suite facilities and a living room with under floor heating and a home cinema video system.

The countryside is entrancing, with lots of lovely walks to discover. There are some beautiful trees in the garden, including the walnut tree made famous as the subject of the Keane song 'Under the Walnut Tree'.

As a programmer and producer, James has spent much of his career buying up old and unique vintage synthesizers and analogue recording equipment. Much of his collection is still in use and forms very much a part of the general musical equipment for the studio. Old Moogs, V,C.S 3's and old Roland gear litter the complex. James has a Gleeman Pentaphonic Clear which is one of the last 10 in existence and a prized possession.

The studio has been created as a place where one can experiment and discover new sounds and production angles. James prides himself on creating a unique sonic fingerprint for each new band development production. The studio has been created and developed with this ethos in mind, and you can hear his passion for trippy sounds in the recordings he makes.

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Vibey Studios

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